Hot Springs

Hot Springs

The island is full of hot springs of different temperature and water composition. Below you can be informed of the most important ones:

– Lakkos Adamantas Hot Springs
Temperature: 33-41C, depending on the sea level and the weather. Composition: Thermal mineral sulphide, ferrous, chlorinated.

– Haros Adamantas Hot Springs
Temperature: up to 85 C. Composition: chlorinated, alipiges (hot springs).

– Alikes
Located north of Aliki in a low cave with a narrow entrance. The spring is chlorinated and it flows into an one meter deep pit which is full of water and mud. Temperature: 28-40 C. Composition: chlorinated, radioactive. 
– Provatas

Temperature: 65-90 C. Composition: sulphur, fumaroles.

– Paliohori
Temperature: 65-90 C. Composition: sulphur, alipiges (hot springs).

– Tria Pigadia
Temperature: 33-41 C. Composition: alipiges (hot springs).

– Kanava
These waters are in the southwest side of the P.P.C. plant and they cure arthritis. Temperature: up to 50 C. Composition: chlorinated, alipiges (hot springs).

– Skinopi
Temperature: up to 41 C. Composition: alipiges (hot springs).

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