Milos Greece

Where is Milos Greece?

Milos is a volcanic island of the Cyclades. Milos is famous for the venus of Milos where the authentic statue is in the Louvre. And for the natural beaches with crystal waters. The nearby islands are Sifnos, Serifos, Kythnos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Santorini. To reach the island , you can take a boat or plane .

Getting around milos

Milos is an island with many beautiful beaches. Organized or unorganized, with sand or pebbles, small or large, with trees or without, lonely beaches or not. Landscapes of special beauty , traditional villages. There are museums, such as archaeological, mining and folklore. Also there are the catacombs, the ancient theater. The best way to get around the island are by car – atv -scooter. Don’t miss the boat trip.

Things to do in Milos

  • visit Klima and more fishing villages (Mandrakia – Pollonia – Areti – Fourkovoyni)
  • boat trip around of the island (sailing boats-catamaran-traditional boats) they are leaving from Pollonia village or Adamas
  • take a scuba diving session (Pollonia or Adamas )
  • shopping therapy and souvenir’s (Plaka – Adamas )
  • day visit Kimolos island (Pollonia port)
  • take a sea kayak tour or geological – hiking tour
  • visit ancient theater (Tripiti), the catacombs (Tripiti) and museums’.
  • view the best sunset (Plaka village, castle of Plaka, Pollonia (Pelekouda) village, Sarakiniko)


Best beaches in Milos

  • Sarakiniko beach: the most famous beach. A moonscape with white rocks.
  • Tsigrado beach located right next to Firiplaka beach. The visitor goes down by rope.
  • Kleftiko beach was the cave like coast of the pirates and now is the most popular attraction in Milos. Kleftiko is famous for the crystal waters and the imposing rocks.
  • Other amazing beaches are, Paleochori, Agia kyriaki, Firiplaka, Firopotamos, Plathiena, Papafragas, Pollonia, Apros, Provatas, Thiorichia (Paliorema), cave of Sykia, Kastanas, Triades, Ammoudaraki, Agios Ioannis and many more.


Milos Sunset Spot

  • Panagia Korfiatissa Plaka: the most popular place for the sunset. The place is a small terrace outside the church ,with a front balcony which overlooks a part of Adamas bay
  • Castle of plaka: at the top of Plaka , you will find a small church with amazing 360 view over the island. There are few stairs to go up to the castle .
  • Klima village: this fishing village is famous for the colorful boat house doors.
  • Pollonia (Pelekouda) village: Pelekouda is located on the left northwest side of Pollonia. You can see one of the best sunset of Milos. The sun sets behind the rock of Kalogeros.

Milos island tour:

The best experience for the visitors. Is a daily tour with sailboats, catamaran or traditional wooden boats around of the island. They are leaving from Pollonia village or Adamas port.

Plaka village: Plaka is the capital of Milos. Building on the highest point of the island. In the village are located the archaeological and folklore museum. Another sense in the sense of “romantic sunset” … The slabs in the courtyard of Panagia Korfiatissa warm the bare feet and there, together in Marmara, you are getting ready to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole Mediterranean. When dusk falls, you stare at the ships in the Aegean … Next door, the tidy Plaka, with the catholic church of Panagia ton Rhodes, the well-painted well, the restaurants and the cafes.

The capital of Milos was built in 1800 from the ancient stones of its castle. Climb up to its ruins and enjoy without haste the panorama offered by the courtyard of Panagia Thalassitra. At the Archaeological Museum of Plaka, the goddess of love: the life-size replica of Aphrodite of Milos.

Best restaurants in milos greece – bars in milos some of the best restaurants on the island

  • Pollonia village : enalion, de milos, akrotiri, rifaki, gialos, alkis, hanabi sushi bar, jordan’s meating, kivotos ton gefseon traditional products, deck cafe bar, cactus cafe bar, opsidianos cafe bar
  • Adamas : o!hamos, floisvos, zygos, petrinos, nostos, mikros apoplous, giros tis milou, aktaion cafe -bar -pizza, egoist cafe bar, aragosta, akri, barko, milors
  • Klima: astakas restaurant
  • Mandrakia : medusa restaurant
  • Paleochori : sirocco, pelagos
  • Provatas : tarantela
  • Tripiti : methismeni politia, oxto, glaronissia
    Zefiria : zikos
  • Plaka : archodula, fatses, en plo, outopia