Covid 19

Hotel staff

-Each staff member has been informed of the COVID-19 hygiene and follows carefully all management protocols related to their area of responsibility.

-Each member of the staff strictly complies with the basic protection measures against COVID-19: observance of hand hygiene, physical distance from customers and other staff, in all workplaces, hotel areas and rest areas,

– We have taken care of providing the adequate equipment for the staff (gloves, masks, robe, closed shoes)

Accommodation files and event book

For the purposes of public health protection actions, the address of the accommodation must keep a record of staff members and all persons staying at the hotel-name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, phone, e-mail) – to make it possible to communicate with any close contacts in the case of COVID-19, which may be identified afterwards.

Pay attention to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and that all visitors have been informed that a file is being kept for public health reasons.


-There are specialized cleaning procedures for all public areas – rooms and especially care for “high risk” items. And the placement of individual antiseptic liquids or an antiseptic device in each room.

Our linen is washed at 90 degrees Celsius in professional washing machines.

-We will proceed to thorough cleaning and very good room ventilation during the hours between stays.

-In cooperation with the customers we encourage the non-frequent cleaning of the room during the stay as well as the abolition of daily change of clothes and towels.

-During the departure there will be meticulous cleaning – disinfection with a steam cleaner as well.

Outdoor Check in / out